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Pre-Kamp safety steps

Your cooperation keeps everyone safe!

Careful integration into our canine community

As much as I love all dogs, I have to do temperament tests to exclude any dogs that are either aggressive or disruptive to myself or other dogs.


I have a procedure that I have developed that keeps dogs happy and getting along. This takes about an hour and always has to be done prior to the dog’s first stay.  This ensures that all dogs are safe and happy during their stay with me.

Gradual introductions to other dogs

Emergency boarding situations

For all new clients, I have you come to my house, along with your dog (cats are excluded because they get their own private suite), so all of you can see my home and your dog can receive a temperament test.


To make an appointment, the dogs need to have all of their boarding shots current.

  • Rabies

  • Distemper / Parvo

  • Bordetella (which has two ways to be given)

I am a stickler with these shots and their waiting periods – they all need to be safely vaccinated.

If you need to board your dog with us in an emergency situation and we don't have time to perform our temperament test, we'll keep your dog separated until we can carry out the test.


If we find that he or she is not sociable, we'll keep your dog in an isolated kennel to ensure the safety of our other dogs.

Barbara will assess and

analyze all the dogs

at all times and keep a

watchful eye on your

pet and provide

plenty of attention.

For kennel-free

pet boarding,

call today!


All of the guest dogs that are at my home are separated, usually downstairs.  The new dog is let into the large fenced yard to sniff and get acclimated to the area. After this, I let my own dogs out with the new one, one at a time, to see if they are going to be friendly or if they have any aggression.  Once they have met at least three of my own dogs, and if they were friendly, then they are welcome.