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"Your dog’s vacation, while you’re on vacation" Active dogs lead healthier lives

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Cozy dog boarding

It's your pup's home away from home!

Treat your canine companion to kennel-free boarding and home-style pet sitting

In the past years, I have learned what dog packs are, how they truly interact and how their hierarchy is practiced and maintained.

All about dogs

Many people who come to my house for the first time are amazed at how all of the dogs get along so well and play so well together. I have found that the old dogs will find their own spot to sleep or lie around.  The younger ones play hard, sleep, eat, and then their cycle starts up again.


Over the years I usually have surprised many owners with new information about their dogs which they hadn’t a clue about. Most people think I am very brave to live with up to 13 dogs on a daily basis, but this has been such a perfect job and fulfilling life for me.

At Doggie Kamp...

with Cats on the Side,

your furry friend

will find plenty of

indoor and outdoor

play areas,

comfy couches,

and new friends.

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