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Serving Colorado Springs and Woodland Park

"Your dog’s vacation, while you’re on vacation" Active dogs lead healthier lives

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Pampered cat boarding

It's a vacation for your feline friend!

Your feline friend will love our cat sitting and kennel-free boarding

Your cat has it’s own private room.

If you have more than one, they all are able to be in the same room.

Cat room amenities:

24-hour feline boarding

  • Lounge chair in which cats can cuddle

  • Plenty of lap time and petting from Barbara

  • Radio

  • Heater

  • Climbing tree

  • Window view of squirrels and birds

  • Separate floor away from most dogs


The kennel-free boarding offers a fun room for cats. If you board multiple cats with us, they can share a single room. They'll have plenty of room to roam and play with each other just like they do at home.


When you need a home away from home for your kitty, call 719-687-6182 to book a reservation. Pickup and delivery services are available by appointment 24/7 throughout the Colorado Springs and Woodland Park areas.

"We get private suites

away from those

drooling dogs!

Hiss! Meow!

We even get our

own private webpage

too, just for us!"

Call now to book

boarding for

your cat!