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"Your dog’s vacation, while you’re on vacation" Active dogs lead healthier lives

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Are you looking for a great, personalized pet sitting place where your pets are treated as part of the family, in a home-type setting? Do you have a pet ready to deliver yet can’t be home to supervise?


You've found the place.

Find home-style boarding at Doggie Kamp... with Cats on the Side

My name is Barbara Neiswander.  I started in-home pet care, servicing Teller and El Paso Counties, including Colorado Springs, because I would never send my own dogs to a kennel, I believe it is too stressful, and so I think they should be in an environment like at their own home, watching me cook, curled up with me watching TV, sleeping in the bedroom, following me around as though I am you.

Spacious rooms and comfy couches

Dogs would much prefer to stay in someone’s home then in a kennel with limited human contact. A lot of pet owners have relatives, friends, or neighbors who are kind enough to care for their pets while they are away. This is a great option, but for those that don’t have this option, there’s me.


I have been a true animal lover all of my life, with over 17 years of experience running a home-style pet sitting facility. Doggie Kamp with Cats on the Side… is your dog or cat’s home away from home!


I upgraded and custom built my current home for Doggie Kamp after having my business in my previous home for 9 years. This home offers a large indoor great room for the dogs to run and play, with couches at one end to sleep on or on their own blankets from home. When they want to go outside they head out the doggie doors to enjoy the play yard consisting of almost a half acre of securely fenced play yard, complete with trees, boulders piled on a hill to run around and explore.


Nighttime finds the dogs piled up in sleep-filled bliss with me in my bedroom, or, if they prefer, out in the great room on the couches or their blankets.


Cats enjoy their private suites, away from those “drooling dogs! Hiss, meow!  We have our own private page, too, just for us!”


A wonderful home away from home for your pets

Doggie Kamp is a place where your pet will enjoy, and as many of the visiting dogs experience, become quite excited to go away on his own vacation at this Colorado State Licensed facility.


Enjoy looking over the website and I look forward to speaking with you and meeting your pet!


Barbara Neiswander

(719) 687-6182